Workout Hairstyles

Today women do everything to look young and beautiful; workout is the best way to be in a perfect shape. Even during workout you need to look beautiful and attractive. Stylists have prepared collection of workout hairstyles that will make you feel comfortable.



For Pilates you can wear cute braided ponytail with tight backcombed hair. In order to create this style you just need to backcomb hair, tie in a tight ponytail and braid the edges. You are ready for Pilates.

Beautiful Hairstyles with Accessories

2019 fall hair trends include beautiful hairstyles with accessories that were presented on the latest runway shows. If you also like decorating hairstyle with creative accessories, here is the collection of the best fall looks for your inspiration.

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Headband is one of the best and optional accessories suitable for almost all hair lengths and hairstyles. Both simple and embellished headbands look amazing and can turn simple hairstyle into something special and interesting. For 2019 designers presented luxurious hairstyles with shine headband accessories that will be suitable for special occasions. As the new trend of 2019 fall is massive accessories you can choose massive headbands in golden or metallic. For casual look you can choose simple fabric headband that will be a great choice for second day hair to hide greasy roots.

Hair Coloring Ideas

Hair coloring is the shortest way to upgrade hairstyle. There is no need to change hair length or haircut; new color even subtle one will freshen up your look and make your hairstyle look better. Surely hair coloring has disadvantages as well and you should know the risks before getting hair perm. Here are several hair coloring ideas as well as pros and cons of hair perm.


The first reason why women go for hair coloring is gray hair. In spite of the fact that gray hair and gray highlights are popular this season, women prefer to hide graying hair rather than showing them. To hide gray hair you should use hair per with ammonia. Surely such product contains a lot of harsh chemicals. Coloring product will hide gray hair but if you have dry and frizzy tresses it can damage hair follicle and bring to more serious problem.

Temporary Hair Color Ideas

Women do love changing hair color. No matter they choose subtle color or bold one new image definitely looks better and fresher. Still sometimes there are situations when permanent hair color is not an option. For instance, if you have damaged and dry hair stylists do not advise you to get hair perm. Additional stress of chemicals can ruin hair follicle and you can end up with serious hair problems up to hair loss and scalp problems. There is simple solution to this dilemma. Thanks to new high quality products to can get any hair color without damaging hair.


Temporary hair color doesn’t contain ammonia that colors hair and changes hair structure. Unlike permanent hair colors temporary hair color changes only outer layer and lasts not so long. This is not a disadvantage; just imagine you can get any hair color any time you want. You can choose bright red or pink for nightout or combine two and more shades for breathtaking look.

Long Hairstyles for Humid Weather

Fall is coming and you should prepare your wardrobe with fall garments, shoes and accessories. Besides of clothing you should prepare your hair for rainy days. Be it hair care or styling options you should learn how to look flawless on any weather. Long hair needs more time and effort to style but the following long hairstyles ideas for humid weather will arm you up with new was of hair styling.


First hairstyle that will be suitable for any occasion and outfit is braided half up-do. In order to create half up-do you need to braid thin strands on both sides just behind ears. Then pull one strand in a style of headband and fix with bobby pins. The other strand should be pulled to another side at the nape and again secured with bobby pins.

Easy Hair Styling Ideas

Hair styling can become a real problem and take hours unless you know some beauty secrets that will help you to turn hair styling into a real fun. There are main tricks to style hair for any weather. As we are kissing goodbye to summer and hot weather let’s talk about easy styling ideas and hair care for humid weather.


In spite of humid weather your hair need moisture on any weather. Your weekly hair care routine should include moisturizing mask. If you have dry hair you can use conditioner after each wash. This will keep hair smooth without frizzy look.

3 New Haircuts of the week

For this week we have got 3 new stylish haircuts for your inspiration.  Find out which one is closer to your personality and speed dial your hairdresser for your makeover.

Long Haircut

First image that you can try on is shoulder length haircut with wispy layers. This hair length is the best choice for women who like long hair but cannot manage them. Shoulder length haircut can be styled in pulled up hairstyles so don’t think that you will have discomfort of wearing hair loose all the time. Shoulder length haircut can be styled in a high bun, elegant chignon, braided up-do or any style that you were used to wear. What about loose designs? Center parted hairstyle with soft layers will make your face look proportionate. If you want to hide your wide cheeks or square jaw line, go for side parting or side swept layered bang.

Medium hairstyles 2019

Summer hair trends 2019

Back medium hairstyle

Bob Haircut

Next popular hairstyle of this week is bob and it definitely has its special place in this collection. For this week and coming season bob haircuts are the hottest. It is the right time for changes and bob haircut is A answer to all your questions about new image. Angled bob haircut with sharp layers at front and razored layers at nape perfectly boosts hair volume. Even if you have thin hair this haircut will create and illusion of thicker hair. Make sure you use suitable size of brush while blow drying so that it will lift the roots and add volume.

Strawberry blonde hair

Strawberry blonde hair color is popular shade of blonde that combines incompatible effect and naturalness. Undertones of red make blonde color even more tempting and eye catching and this is the reason why strawberry blonde hair color is the most popular shade in Celebville. This hair shade can be a great choice for your next re-style so check out those popular examples of strawberry blonde hairstyles and pick the one.


Strawberry blonde color has undertones and your choice will mostly depend on the base tone and complexion so before coloring hair you should choose proper haircut with great care. In fact, before hair coloring you should consider those factors no matter you have chosen blonde or subtle brunette hair color.

16 Of The Newest Hairstyles Right Now

Check out brand new collection of 16 new hairstyles that are hot in fashion right now. Be the first to try on one of them. Make sure you are skilled enough to copycat those beautiful designs or practice your skills with video tutorials. Arm up with styling tools and protective serums that will help you keep hair healthy and smooth.

Your gorgeous long hair will look even more show stopping if you learn to style it in waves. Both natural and vintage waves are included in this week’s hair trends so choose the one suitable for occasion. For spring casual outfit with bright colors and prints messy grunge hair will look adorable. Get textured hair by applying styling pomade on damp hair and blow-drying. For party outfit you should definitely think over vintage waves. Keep you curling iron to get defined and long lasting curls and do not forget to finish the look with shine serum.

Hottest hair styles for womenHottest haircuts with bang 2019

Spring haircuts 2019

updo hairstyle for 2019

What about short hairstyles? Have you got one of those super stylish cuts? You are so lucky because short rocks and you rock. Style your pixie is spikes or get classy slicked hairstyle for formal look. Get deep side parted hair for more impressive look or wear simple backcombed short hairstyle.

Long hairstyles 2019 and popular hair colors for Summer

Summer long hairstyles 2019 are so adorable that even girls with shorter hair would hardly resist the temptation of wearing longer tresses. Lady vamps with tempting long tresses get more attention so make sure you are the one that stands out from the crowd with beautiful hairstyle.

One of the best looks of 2019 summer is beach wavy hairstyle. The very first thing to be said about beach wavy hairstyle is no heat styling. You don’t need to spend time on styling with iron to get those sultry waves. With easy trick you will get natural waves. Start with moisturizing shampoo. Then apply sea salt on damp hair to get that grunge effect and braid damp hair. For more defined waves create three or more braids but if you want to create barely seen waves you can plait single French braid and leave overnight. This is it. In the morning you will get your super sexy beach wavy hairstyle.


Next gorgeous long hairstyle that will be on trend this summer is fluffy curly hair. Those girls who are blessed with angelic curls can do nothing but relax and enjoy because this summer you are going to be the hottest chick. If you have sleek hair, do not lose your heart because with curling iron you can get similar fluffy curls. In order to create tight curls use narrow barrel iron or hot rollers and keep the iron a bit longer so that curls will not lose shape. After styling hair comb curls with wide teeth comb to give them fluffy look. You can add retro vibe to your image by making deep side parting and fixing with bobby pins.