Hair Styling Mistakes

There is hardly any girl who treated hair as needed and you too have not once made mistakes. Lucky you if the mistakes haven’t brought to serious problems. You can now find out your mistakes and try not to repeat them again. The following list of hair styling mistakes include the most common and primitive things that you are probably doing every day.

hair styling mistakes

One of the greatest mistakes that you make every day is styling hair in bathroom. As the ventilation is more likely poor in the bathroom high percentage of moisture makes hair frizzy. It is a real problem especially if you are trying to get poker straight hair.

5 Iconic Hairstyles to Try

There are many classy hairstyles that will always stay on trend and no matter how many fashionable and innovative designs appear every season those classy designs have their special place in fashion. This collection of 5 iconic hairstyles includes designs that you have not once seen on the streets. They are very popular among celebs and have been recreated for millions of times. If you have made up your mind to upgrade your look but haven’t find anything from new trends you should definitely turn to classy styles.

5 Iconic Hairstyles to Try

Pixie Haircut

Let’s begin with short hairstyle that is optional and very popular. From all short hairstyles that have been shown pixie haircut is the best one suitable for women and girls of all ages. You can find several variations of pixie haircut that will suit you most.

Second Day Hairstyles

Clean hair looks more attractive but there are moments when it is simply impossible to wash hair. If you do not know how to hide greasy roots of second-day hair check out these creative and cute second-day hairstyles that will help you to have stylish look on any occasion.

easy hairstyles

Do you want to get bang hairstyle? Wait for a while before you chop off the hair. You can now get pretty up-do hairstyle with faux bang hairstyle. It is very easy to create and at the same time, it will hide greasy hair. Faux bang hairstyles were presented on the catwalk but most of them are quite daring and conceptual. Now you can create cute faux bang hairstyle that will be suitable for a casual outfit. All you need to do is to create a French twist. The only difference is that you don’t twist the edges inwards and fix with pins. Instead, you need to comb the edges to the forehead. Complete the look with a scarf that will fix hair.

Beauty & Hair Secrets

Beauty is woman’s weapon and it really works is only woman knows who to make the most of her natural beauty, accentuate best features and at the same time hide little faults. Such secrets are worthless so if you want to become real seductress and always look perfect you should definitely know this beauty guideline. Check out this short list of beauty and hair secrets.

beauty secretsIn order to keep skin soft and silky, it should have a necessary level of moisture. To prevent dehydration apply moisturizing cream just after cleansing the face. This trick will help you to keep the elasticity of the skin.

Celebrity Vintage Hairstyles

We have seen futuristic hairstyles with geometric cuts and dramatic color combos and it is pretty hard to surprise us with something really special and unique. This is why stylists and celebrities go back to past decade images and recreate them. For the latest red carpet events many celebrities chose gorgeous vintage hairstyles to complete designer gowns and they surely looked fantastic. Some of them will surely become an icon but for now let’s check out some of the best celebrity vintage hairstyles.

Celebrity Vintage Hairstyles

Few days are left for Halloween and if you haven’t chosen an image for you, retro image with suitable dress and hairstyle will be a perfect option.

Teen Girls Short Hairstyles

Teen girls love experimenting with different cool hairstyles. Both short and long hairstyles are suitable for teen girls but taking into consideration their lifestyle and routine hair stylists offer to keep hair short. 2019 hair trends include so many adorable short hairstyles suitable for teen girls and there is no reason to spend precious minutes on styling long hair. The following examples of teen girls’ short hairstyles will show you several amazing ideas of short hair that will complete your modern image.

teen short hairstyles

New short hairstyles are very stylish and trendy. Moreover, just like long hairstyles short hair can be transformed in different ways so if you think that for this or that reason short hairstyle is not optional you are completely wrong.

2019 Summer Blonde Hairstyles

Talking about blonde hair we mostly pay attention to color and undertone of blonde but hardly think of hairstyles that will make your blonde hair look even more attractive. In fact, blonde hair looks fantastic styled in any design and now we are going to find out the hottest summer blonde hairstyles 2019.

blonde hairstyles

If you have already got blonde hair color you will only have to learn some styling tricks from professional hair stylists. Do not shy away from experiments because the main trend of 2019 summer is natural to look and no sophisticated designs are included in 2019 trends.

How to Get Rid of Dandruff

From all common hair and skin problems, dandruff is maybe the worst one as it causes inconvenience as well as can be a sign of much more serious dermatological disease. There are many ways and hair care products that can help you to treat dandruff but if you haven’t treated it for a long time you should definitely turn to a dermatologist who you surely help you to fight dandruff. On the other hand, if you take care of your tresses and you have faced dandruff you can learn some tips on how to get rid of dandruff and get back your healthy hair.

hair care ideas

There are several reasons why you can get dandruff. It can be wrong chosen shampoo or chemical ingredients of hair dyes and styling products, stress and some sin diseases like eczema, dermatitis and etc.

Center Parted Hairstyles 2019

As center parting is the most popular detail of 2019 hairstyles we just ought to talk about it in details. This selection of center-parted hairstyles 2019 is picked from the latest fashion shows and celebrity looks so if you are in need of style inspiration I am totally sure that you will find something worthy here.

center parted hairstyles

Unlike previous season side-parted and deep side-parted trend 2019 spring/summer hairstyles are all center-parted. It doesn’t mean that you should completely forget about side parting. After all, it is an important detail of retro hairstyle, so if you have got finger waves do not forget to make a side parting. Let’s get back to center hair parting.

Innovative Hair Highlights 2019

2017 hair trends have brought a line of new hair coloring tricks that will help you to create fantastic hairstyles. This collection of 2019 innovative hair highlights ideas include new hair coloring tricks that will help you to create brand new hairstyles.

new hair coloring techniques

There are numerous styles of new hair highlights as well as color combos but let’s talk about subtle color combos so that you will not have to go for dramatic makeovers. All the below-shown examples will upgrade your hairstyle for the new season without changing the base tone.